Prelude: The Name
The history of dreampiece layed in the hands of Benny (Unihorn) and Clarence (Fembot). In the vicinity of Cyberhunt San Francisco spawned the idea to create a company for web design and graphics. At the time Counter-Strike was the rave of the day. Lan centers were abundant and competition of clans were fierce. While sitting in the seats of the lan center, Benny thought up of a name for the clan. The name would be called dreampiece (based off a really good Counter-Strike player named dreampeace). After hours of searching websites and finding no information of the word dreampiece, Benny took the initiative and registered under the domain name which now stands tall and proud. This all happened back in April of 2003.

Act I. - Counter-Strike
The original roster for dreampiece was a very vibrant. Bringing the heart of Cyberhunt San Francisco to shine in the online world of CALeague. We competed fiercely through CAL-open and CAL-im for about 2 good years. Friendships were made bringing structure to the guild seen now. Just recently dreampiece decided to roll back up with the new roster to compete in the game Counter-Strike: Source. History will continue to write itself.

Act II. - Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XI Online was a game where the bulk of dreampiece are from. With the creation of the first linkshell named dreampiece, we gave name to ourselves on the Kujata server being the first few level 75 players in North America. Times passed and people stopped playing which ended the fate of the guild.

Act III. - World of Warcraft
The dreampiece founders all bought the game called World of Warcraft. Drewbie (now with CSM) picked our fate as well as our server, Destromath. In this order: Grimskin Mafia, hitokiri clan, and KingcN were the guilds we were formerly from. The founders of Panda Express were: Tinytim, Urashima, Vents, Ohmy, Fembot, Cypress, Qlynton, and me (Unihorn). After sitting to think of a clever name to use the crying bear tabard, we came up with Panda Express.

Life was peaceful the guild was nice and small. The sole purpose of Panda Express was to be a fun group of friends that PVP. Almost half the guild was wearing low tier items, some even all green. Through Warsong Gulch, we met many players of great PVP potential. Of the first recruits was Jony. Jony brought publicity to Panda Express, being the first High Warlord on Destromath. Next came Jony's family which solidified a 10 man team to compete against the "unrivaled" Masquers PVP team.

As time passed by Panda Express became more known and more equipped. With the knowledge and skills achieved from Tarren Mill to Alterac Valley, Panda Express became the only true pure PVP guild on the server. Even until this very day Panda Express has been working hard in battlegrounds. Now Panda Express is a vibrant guild of friends and family ranging from about 30 members strong.

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