anda Express is a community of real life friends as well as online comrades. We are best known for our guild in World of Warcraft on the Destromath server, but we also participate in other games under the group "Dreampiece". Currently the members are playing games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Heroes of Newerth, Modern Warfare 2, Starcraft II, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, and many more.

The Panda Express family is also known for their fine dining adventures. Located in our forums are landmark locations to where we can be found. With over 30 members strong, the Panda Express family is something to watch out for.

Random Fact: Our old unofficial poster girl on the right, Leah Dizon, is now a J-POP singer! In the last four years time has really changed things. I met her at a club before when she was just a model and dancer!

A Few Old Faces 06.22.2010
With Blizzard's RealID feature built into WOW, I was able to make contact with some old guildies. The return of Oelandra and Macfoo just recently has brought bloom to the guild. We also took in some new recruits to add to the family. Right now we are building our core raid group for ICC and other various raids. On the PVP side we have been taking advantage of the Warsong Gulch Call to Arms weekend by group queuing with a few old friends of PEX, Fembot and Maek. The future is definitely looking promising as we enter the new era of Panda Express.
The Return of Panda Express! 06.12.2010
After almost 4 years of inactivity, Panda Express returns! With the help of old guildmates from years past, Unihorn was able to give life to the old guild. Old members rose from the grave: Healmin(Vents), Rog, Pintegra(Integra), Tinytim, Omenith(Oremth) while others portaled back to Destromath from other realms: Eriksin, Eseunna, Rekgul(Shoji), Tyrannofex(Yoritomo), and Ratchel(Zaurah). This rebuilt the guild council of officers. Now that we are back in action the future will be full of blood as we look toward the wake of Cataclysm.
Aderwyn, High @*^&#$ Warlord!!! 09.26.2006
Aderwyn acheives the honor of High Warlord, becoming the 10th Panda with such distinction, and our first resident Mage who has ever done so. Despite all the sacrifices it takes to become HWL, Aderwyn still managed to help out with the PEX PVE effort, and helped other Pandas get to HWL along the way. Now, it's finally his turn to taste the sweetness. Well earned Aderwyn, congratulations you fucking bastard! :D
Nef's Dead Baby, Nef's Dead. 09.10.2006
It's done, PEX downed Nefarian. This concludes another chapter for the Panda Express. Next stop - AQ40.
More pictures can be found at the Gallery.

Intothetop reaches peak - HWL IX!!! 08.29.2006
Our beloved Intothetop becomes our first Priest HWL, our 9th to attain such rank. SEE YOU LATER!!!!!!! Congrats to Michael for leading so many Battle Ground teams to victory. Woot!

Catching up with Panda Express 07.18.2006
Well it's been a while since there's an update, but that doesn't mean PEX has been lazy. The past couple of months we've seen some excellent progress in our raiding, and our PVP teams are as strong as ever.

In the PVE front, PEX is going very strong. In BWL so far downing Razorgore, Vaelastrasz, Broodlord, and Firemaw. With some more practice to become more efficient, we'll soon tackle Ebonroc, Flamegor, Chromaggus, and the big bad guy Nefarian. Don't forget to check out the fancy strategy guides by Yamiga (no sound card required). MC is business as usual, helping our younger cubs gear up for BWL. AQ20 is on farm status for all bosses, as well with ZG now that Jin'do's been solved.

We've had our share of attrition, but the past couple of months we've also seen Panda Express membership grown to its highest ever. Thanks to Thanatar for all his hard work as Recruiter Panda. Congrats to all the Cubs, some day you will be full grown Pandas wearing the dreadful Pink on the battlefield. Raaagggrrrw.

Oh by the way PEX crits the Destromath girl scene kkthxbye.

Can't have a Panda Update without talking about PVP. What can I say, we wear Pink and we kick ass. Panda Express is seeing a PVP resurgence, and we have taken BG back. WSG? PWN. AB? PWN. AV? Who cares. Oh yeah, we got another High Warlord, and I have a feeling there will be more soon. Remember Pandas, you're wearing Pink.
ROG = HWL VIII 07.18.2006
Our most feared Warlock is now a High Warlord (our eigth home grown), congrats to Rog who smashed throgh the ranks and did it his way. WTG ROG!
Love to PEX!!! 06.1.2006
Hey everyone! This is your one and only Unihorn! I would like to say good job to everyone in the guild on the progress. I also want to send thanks to the Staff that help run this site/forums. Thank you to Vents for providing ventrilo to the team! Keep up the good work! I added a favicon to the site a very simple [dp] logo should pop up on your favorites. Lets see other than that.. I would like to say welcome to all the new cubs of Panda Express and you guys are in good hands with Ohmy lol. Miss you guys! And Roy if you need help updating the rosters maybe I will sign on one day and help you out with it!
OH MY! Ohmy's IT!!! 05.14.2006
Ohmy, our fearless High Warlord is the new Panda Express Guild Leader. Taking over for our beloved founder Unihorn, who has officially retired from this World of Warcraft, with friend Urashima (our second term leader) following suit. Please be sure to PM Ohmy in game to congratulate him and ask him any question you have about anything, he'd love to hear from you...promise. (especially if you're a girl) ;)
Yamiga Reporting for Duty 05.14.2006
Long time Panda pal Yamiga has been promoted to Vice Captain to recognize his leadership and contributions. Yamiga is a former officer of the outstanding GUnit, and along with a few friends have brought with them a wealth of experience, skills, and fun. Panda Paw!!! Rahhh
New DKP Tracking 05.12.2006
PEX Raiding gets a new DKP Tracker. Thanks to Yamiga, Yumee, and Bonehex for their hard work.
Finally, it's Silentlich's Turn! 04.24.2006
We've been waiting a long time, but Silentlich has finally made High Warlord. He's our proud seventh that has acheived the insane HWL ranking. Congratulations Silentlich! Now get some sleep.
Bonehex Reporting For Duty 04.14.2006
Bonehex has been promoted to the ranks of Vice-Captain. He has long been an exemplary Panda, and no doubt will be a great leader. The promotion is well deserved, now we just need to figure out what heís good for. ;)
PEX Welcomes New Era!! 04.14.2006
Panda Express has enjoyed many great moments, thanks in large part to its founder Unihorn. Recently he has decided to move on to different things. Thank you Unihorn for everything youíve done for the Pandas, we will miss your totems. Please visit often and heal me.
Urashima has been handed the torch as the new fearless leader of Panda Express. It is an exciting time as we are seeing many new Pandas adding to an already stout roster. Watch out Destromath, Pandas are on a roll!!! Choo-choo! Chagga chagga chagga chagga!
AQ20 Progress Report 03.11.2006
So far we're on pace with AQ20. This week we successfully took down Kurinnaxx and General Rajaxx. Next week's target is the third boss Moam. Please keep an eye on sign up thread.
PEX Conquers Ragnaros! 03.10.2006
PEX took a huge step this weekend when we killed Ragnaros, completing the Molten Core test. Big hands go out to all the Pandas that's worked so hard up to this point. Special recognition goes out to Captain Vents, Captain Ohmy, and Vice Captain Oremth for leading such a successful effort since day one. Panda Power!!!
More pictures can be found at the Gallery.
AQ20 Revisited 03.04.2006
Our second visit to AQ20 was another fun learning experience. We're able to down Kurinnaxx on the first try, and had a blast doing the second boss. Everyone contributed in an all out brawl with the bugs down south. Stay tuned for more adventures.
MC Marathon 03.03.2006
Pandas pulled a double shift Friday night and cleared MC in one shot, all the way up to Ragnoros. Although we didn't kill Rag, we learned a lot about how to fight him. It's only a matter of time.
PEX Super Smash Pandas Tag Tournament Championship Alpha! 02.24.2006
We had a blast last night after AQ fighting our first Tag Team Dueling competition. I will be organizing more impromptu competitions, and hopefully an official PEX tournament in the near future. See PVP Forum thread for more detail and come join the fun.
AQ20 - First Look 02.23.2006
On opening night, a group of enthusiastic pandas went to explore the new AQ20. The curious pandas were rewarded with a fun and exciting adventure, even downing the first boss Kurinnaxx (Loot? Shawl, Bonehex, Shawl). Vice-Captain Thanatar will post more details for upcoming AQ20 schedule.
Pandas Break Hakkar's Heart 02.22.2006
Persistence won over the Heart of Hakkar as Fembot led another rewarding ZG raid. The beautiful scenaries of ZG can be enjoyed at the Gallery
Onyxia Served 02.20.2006
Panda Express' recent expansion in to PVE has been gaining in momentum. The latest push in this movement happened last night when Onyxia was again dispatched in typical PEX fashion - fast and delicious. PEX Captain Vents led the raid of around 30 Pandas to executed what is quickly becoming routine business. Donít forget to check out the Gallery for some screen shots.
PEX celebrates another High Warlord! 02.14.2006
Loota is the latest PEX to achieve the ranks of High Warlord. Continuing the proud PVP tradition of Panda Express, the Aussie joins other crazy HWL Pandas Ohmy, Tinytim, Jony, and Machao. After playing 30 hours a day for 12 straight weeks, Loota can finally bathe and sleep. Good job Loota, we're proud of you!

In other news, Biggoron is allegedly the first person to get exalted with the Timbermaw Hold on the Destromath server! He now spends his free time running around the streets of Ogrimmar showing off his Defender of the Timbermaw yelling, "Fear the Timbermaw!"

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