1.0 Guild Ranks
1.1 Founder: Every organized guild or body of people needs a leader. One who takes charge and keeps tabs on the guild or organization. Panda Express is no different. The founder along with the officers formulate the guild and ensures its well being.

1.2 Regulator: In the absence of the founder, each regulator has as much authority as the founder. Regulators assist in recruiting, training, and enforcing the guild policy.

1.3 Captain: In the absence of the founder, each captain has as much authority as the founder. Captains assist in executive decisions, training, and enforcing the guild policy.

1.4 Vice Captain: Vice captains are basically the replacement for an inactive manager. Those who have shown unsightly loyalty towards the guild, or willing to take upon a job required by the guild may take upon this title.

1.5 Member: Members are those who have become welcomed to the guild. Being comfortable and willing to help for the greater good of the guild. These are the body and bulk that forms the guild as it stands.

1.6 Trial: All new recruits and the fellow guildies that have not yet reached the top character level are flagged with this rank. This is normally taken off when the officers feel that the recruit is trustworthy and a good asset to the guild as a whole. Time spent as a trial could be anywhere from one week to a month or even more. Non-contributing guildies are flagged as trial rank. Since we like the guild to be a family, it is good to participate in events and registering on the forum or chat on vent.

1.7 Inactive: Members that have not made contact with us via in game mail or forums are flagged as inactive after 15 game days. This status is cleared when the member notifies an officer.

1.8 Alt: Alts can range in all levels. Basically alts are the member's extra characters. Not often played or kept away until needed by the guild.

2.0 Recruitment
2.1 Recruitment into Panda Express is through an online application. Those interested must meet the recruitment requirements or else their application is just voided. Please understand if we do not contact you by the second week, just continue to go on and do not expect an invite to the guild.

2.3 The only ranks allowed to recruit in Panda Express are the founder, regulators, captains, and vice captains. Please do not spam messages to the regular members asking about your recruitment status. Doing so may injure your chances to join the family.

2.4 Those with great confidence and potential may speed up the recruitment process by posting on our forums, donating, or partying in game raids with our members. However, none of the above mentioned will guarantee anyone a spot in our guild.

2.5 The process of recruitment normally takes about two weeks. Our members are notified via forums about recruits. It is not uncommon to hear from our members during this two week process. If you hear from us within the two weeks, it means we have some interest in your application and would like to review your game ethics more. Although hearing from a member may be a big plus, it in turn does not guarantee you a spot in the guild.

2.6 Remember Panda Express members cannot respond to every applicant. We are constantly getting spammed with applications daily. A good advice is to stick it out and continue to do what ever it is that you were doing prior to applying. We do not encourage anyone to desert their current guild to apply.

2.7 Lastly, candidates that are voted in will undergo a probationary period, or "trial status". If you are the target cause for guild drama or have terrible game ethics you will be removed immediately from the guild. Panda Express is here to have fun, not to babysit.

3.0 Code of Conduct
3.1 Computer gaming is supposed to be fun. When it isn't, and it's due to a Panda Express guild member, action may be taken. The action taken will depend upon the severity of the offense and attitude of the offender. Possible actions include verbal reprimands and or immediate dismissal from the guild.

3.2 No guild member will be dismissed for honest mistakes in judgement. In other words, if the member really thought he/she was doing the right thing, it can be excused.

4.0 Probation
4.1 Trial
4.1.1 All new trials start off with a probation period, which is usually two weeks, but can be longer.
4.1.2 Throughout the probationary period cubs are evaluated for attitude, skill, teamwork, and participation in guild activities.

4.2 Members
4.2.1 Members may be demoted to trial status if they act in a matter that is detrimental to the guild.

5.0 Communication
5.1 Panda Express is equipped with a Ventrilo server and a forum accessible through the Panda Express website.

5.2 The use of Ventrilo is required for all raids. Usage of Ventrilo is a privilege not a right. If someone is caught being a nuisance they will be penalized via mute or ban. Our server ip for Ventrilo is vent.dreampiece.com port 28847.

6.0 Instance Raids
6.1 Your responsibilities:
6.1.1 Post availability in the website forums, be on time, and 'prepared'.
6.1.2 Leaving before objectives are completed without valid reason won't be tolerated, will result in actions; De-ranking to probationary or removal from guild.
6.1.3 Finding suitable replacement(s) in the event of a player departure is required.
6.1.4 Each and every player becomes responsible for any given raid and everyone in the raid once signed up in the forums and/or invited in game, and as such are to be 'prepared'.

6.2 Prepared is defined as:
6.2.1 In-game: Equipment repaired, materials for tradeskills are stocked up, quest precursors completed.
6.2.2 Out of Game: appropriate required UIMods are up and configured, voice communication (Ventrilo) installed, recommended strategy guides have been read.